Wednesday, 16 January 2013

look foward

Salam. cinta. sayang. rindu

i always look foward about my life..
yes there are many planning i've made for myself..
and i don't want because my failure relationship make me give up..
when i realise people come and go, so i've made decision to let it go to my 'takdir' that hope it will make my love story interesting and happy ending ..
i don't want to be a storyline like cinderella or snow white but let it be like a precious moment that i and him can remember until we died..the best moment!!
so now on I still look foward and yes now ALLAH S.W.T has sent me one person and I don't know whether it for me to have a happy story together or just one more 'dugaan' to make my story more interesting..

till then. Salam

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